Robyn Brooks CDA

Robyn Brooks lives in the beautiful Harbourside city of Sydney, Australia. She lives with her partner Nigel and works out of her home studio. Robyn has always had a passion for painting and drawing. Before discovering the world of decorative painting she studied ceramics and made pottery.

In 1985 whilst in a local art store Robyn found a Scottie Foster book on Bavarian Folk Art. That began a love affair with the world of decorative painting. Not long after that she joined the Society of Decorative Painters. Joining the SDP opened up so many opportunities. Attending Conventions was such a highlight. She attended her first Convention in 1995. Attending classes with the ‘Big Brushes’ enriched her painting experience and led her into painting in oils. She attended just over 20 SDP Conventions and therefore made many friends in the painting world. In fact, friendships that are everlasting.

Robyn became a Certified Decorative Artist in 2004 in the stroke category. She has also passed the stroke category and floral category of the Master Decorative Artist Level.

Robyn was one of the teachers on the Oil Panting Expressions site which ran for 8 seasons.

Robyn has studied extensively under Mary Jo Leisure MDA, Cheri Rol MDA, Michael Fulton MDA, Peggy Stogdill MDA, Kerry Smith MDA, Mary Gibilisco CDA BFA, Ann Kingslan MDA and many other great teachers.

Robyn visits Cheri Rol’s studio regularly every year which gives her the opportunity to catch up with many friends.

When Robyn isn’t painting, her other interests include spending time with grandchildren, of which there are 6. During COVID she also took up quilting. The other passion she has is sailing on her 37ft yacht on Sydney Harbour.

There is never a dull moment in Robyn’s life. There is always lots to do